Friday, February 20, 2009

$109 PWK Carburetors, Quality Amal 600 / 900 series replacement!

These are PWK carbs are offered in two sizes, 26mm and 30mm, as a direct replacement for stock Amal carburetors.

The PWK 26mm - 600 series concentric carburetor replacement. The spacing for the flange is 2" on center. This can be jetted to your specifications or it is preset for 500 British twins, T150 / T160.

The PWK 30mm
- 930 or all 900 series concentric carburetors replacement on Triumph, Norton, BSA, and other British motorcycles. These will fit a standard flange mount manifold with a hole spacing of 2" on center. The flange can be removed for spigot type mounting such as Later OIF Triumph. Spigot OD is 34mm, carb total depth is 82mm, and the height is 5" minus cable adjuster. The air intake is 48mm OD. This will fit where any Amal 930 Concentric or Monoblock is installed.

Both carbs will accept your stock Norton, Triumph, or BSA cables, and stock air filters that use the threaded removable insert, or later Air box applications.

These PWK carburetors have gone through strenuous and extensive testing and development, to bring you an alternative to the poor design of the Amal and the costly price of the Mikuni. You can convert this carb to a left or right hand application, by moving the idle screw to the other side for easy access, the fuel enricher plunger and air mixture screw remains on the left side, similar to MK3 Amals. Comes complete with every thing you see in the left picture, drain lines, o-ring, and one carb. So just bolt these on and enjoy years of trouble free motoring.

YOUR CHOICE, Only $109/USD each!
Velocity Stacks: $26 short, $28 medium,$28 tall

Pancake Filter (Straight or Offset): $26ea Cone: $14ea
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