Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Batteryless with electronic ignintion

Single Phase 210W, 16 AMP kit with rotor, Single Phase Rectifier/Regulator/Capacitor box with 5000ohm Resistant plug caps - This is the easiest and most cost effective way of running your British Iron with electronic ignitions and having the option to NOT run a battery. 3 Phase alternators REQUIRE a battery to work properly. (Hi Output 3 phase kits are also available) The kit easily outperforms standard equipment especially at the lower rev ranges. Ideal for using Halogen bulbs, electronic ignition systems and heated grips. Due to the sensitive nature of single boxes it is VERY important to fit spark plug caps of the 5000ohm resisted type. Failure to do so will cause overloading. Resistant Spark plug caps are *included* in our kits.
Retail Price - $298 without resistant caps ($4-6ea)
Our Price - $262USD, w/5000ohm caps included (single or 3 phase)